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 Care Options 
The dementia caregiving landscape is always dancing, and it can be hard to stay on your feet. Dementia affects each family member or caregiver uniquely. That effect changes shape as the disease progresses. In addition, the type of care needed, and the ability to provide it, changes.

Usually the time comes when outside help is necessary. Even if family caregivers are able to provide all the care themselves, they need a break now and then in order to maintain their own well being.

That outside help generally falls into three categories: in-home care, day care (respite care), and full-time facility care. As an adjunct to full-time care, either at home or in a facility, you may also need hospice care. The Lake Houston area is home to many agencies and facilities that offer these types of care. 
While our support group discussions can give you some insight into these care options and how they work, many in the group have been helped by speaking with an elder care advisory service (see below).
The Gathering Place
Several Kingwood-Humble churches also offer a FREE social event for those with dementia. Known as "The Gathering Place," this service is sponsored by CarePartners (713-682-5995,, a Houston-based nonprofit that assists family caregivers with a variety of programs. For more details about these programs, please visit the CarePartners web site,
Mom's Care Plan (Elder Care Advisory Service)
Free and located in the Kingwood area, Mom's Care Plan (, 855-263-3232, is an elder care advisory service owned by my friend and co-director of Kingwood Memory Cafe, Donna Composto. Donna and her social worker Becky Carmichael have assisted quite a few people in my group over the years in finding the help they need, sometimes in a hurry!

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